Account Balances

This page contains information about realtime balance APIs

Realtime Balance

You can read realtime account balances using the following API. This API works both Primary and Virtual accounts.

Balance breakdown

All amounts including account balances returned in hundreds to preserve floating point precision and reduce errors on JSON serialize/deserialize steps.

ie. £1.92 represented as 192 Similarly. £27.01 would be shown as 2791

Real-time balance
  "currency": "GBP",
  "availableBalance": 400,
  "ledgerBalance": 500,
  "pendingCredits": 0

Available Balance

Balance on account ledger minus pending debits.

Ledger Balance

Balance on account ledger including pending debits, excluding pending credits.

Pending Credits

Total pending funds on account ledger.

Currency code on balance is always the same currency as the account involved.

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