This section covers the different types of accounts supported by the Partner API, including primary accounts and virtual accounts.

Our platform provides two options for accounts on partner platform, Primary Accounts and Virtual Accounts. For both types, account creation is an asynchronous operation on the platform, that's why once request is sent and response received, you might need to wait until account is ready.

Account statuses

You can use Get Account Details API to pull current account status, you can initiate payments or other interactions once you see it's READY



Account is not ready to use.


Account ready to use.


Account suspended for AML or compliance reasons.


Account permanently closed.

All fund activities for both primary and virtual accounts booked in separate isolated ledgers that maintains separate balances.

Primary Accounts

Primary accounts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as facilitating cross-border transactions, receiving payments from multiple sources, and managing finances for e-commerce businesses.

Please refer to Primary Accounts section for more information about how to create primary accounts.

pagePrimary Accounts

Virtual Accounts

Virtual accounts requires an existing primary account as a parent, and it uses the same currency and safe-guarding relationship as the parent account.

Please refer to Virtual Accounts section for more information about how to create virtual accounts.

pageVirtual Accounts

List accounts

You can get all the accounts created under your partner organisation using the following API.

Get Account Details

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